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Diamond Facets

Facets are the polished, flat surfaces on a diamond. It is the arrangement of the facets that gives a diamond its brilliance. There are several general methods of faceting a polished diamond.

  • Brilliant Cut

    Brilliant Cut

  • Step Up

    Step Cut

  • Rose Cut

    Rose Cut

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  • Brilliant Cut

    The brilliant cut pattern is the most common faceting pattern used in diamonds. Round diamonds are faceted in this manner, as are many fancy shapes. Brilliant cut faceting results in the brilliance for which diamonds are traditionally known.

    Diamond shapes with a brilliant cut faceting pattern (or a modified version) include rounds,ovals, radiants, princess cuts, pear shapes, marquises, cushions, trilliants, shields, half moons and some trapezoids.

  • Step Cut

    Stones that have either rectangular or square outlines can also be faceted with a step-cut pattern.This consists of facets arranged parallel to the girdle in a series of steps on both the crown and pavilion. The pattern results in a more subdued, window-like brilliance to the diamond and is very popular in Art Deco jewelry

    Diamond shapes with the step cut faceting pattern include emerald cuts, asscher Cuts, baguettes, carrés and some trapezoids.

  • Rose Cut

    The rose cut is derived from an older style of cut typically used in antique jewelry The basic rose cut has a flat base With no pavilion and a crown composed of triangular facets in a symmetrical arrangement.

    Diamond shapes that may be faceted as rose cuts include rounds, ovals, pear shapes, and briolettes